Vape As a Ticket To Healthy Lifestyle

Vaping is a rapidly growing trend for people who use vapes to breathe vapor from water that includes nicotine, glycerin etc. and flavors in various proportions. Vaping is also called the process of inhaling and exhaling steam, which is produced by an e-cigarette. This term is derived from the English word “vaporization” (evaporation).

It has become especially trendy in recent times: people who smoke electronic cigarettes are referred to as a new subculture – vapers. The motto of the vapers is “We do not smoke, we steam”.

There are two types of vapers:

  • The first and the most obvious type of people are those who smoke tobacco and want to quit smoking. They can differ in age, social position, set of interests, etc., because really different people smoke cigarettes. Changing a cigarette to vape, they pursue the aim of becoming healthier, when they find themselves unable to just quit regular smoking.
  • The second category, which is smaller but still significant, consists of people who have never smoked before, but are interested in the process. These people decided to try vaping because it looks interesting, fun, and stylish.

Since the advent of electronic cigarettes, people in different countries discuss the device’s impact on well-being. After all, the original idea of ​​an electronic cigarette is to search for a less harmful alternative to classic smoking.

There is a list of advantages provided by vaping, including:

  • Smell of smoke disappears – this suffocating smell is no longer in your hair, on your clothes, in your house and in your car.
  • The morning “smoker cough” is no longer there. Most people notice that this annoying phenomenon simply disappears. It will take some time, depending on how much you have been smoking before.
  • The ability to breath deeper develops together with a brighter reaction to smells around you. In some cases, the smell of cigarette smoke starts to irritate.
  • It is more cost-efficient than usual smoking. Initially, the viper invests only in the device itself, the subsequent costs of liquids and accessories are less than for the usual smoker.

So, you can make a conclusion that the “benefits” of electronic cigarettes and vaping are less harmful than the pleasures of regular smoking. Even more, vaping gave birth to a trend of “cloud-chasing” or chasing the clouds. This is a kind of professional vaping, where the goal is a huge beautiful cloud of steam.

The trend originated in America in the early 2000s. Young people, fascinated by the healthy innovation, gathered in small groups in some venues, where arranged communities on interests. Today, there are whole festivals of vapers and vape battles, where they compete in the skill of cloud chasing.

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