Types of Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes

The liquid for the electronic cigarette is a substance that is placed inside the device and evaporates as it is used. One portion of this liquid is usually enough, depending on the type of electronic cigarette, for 100-300 puffs. This amount is approximately similar to a pack of cigarettes.         

Overall, this liquid can be divided into three types:

  • traditional;
  • strong;
  • and soft.

The difference lies in the percentage of major components. In a traditional liquid, there is up to 62% of propylene glycol, up to 35% of glycerin, 0 to 3.6% of nicotine, and no more than 4% of flavors. Stronger liquids contain more nicotine and flavour, softer types contain less.


Glycerin, which is part of the liquid for refilling electronic cigarettes, is the simplest polyhydric alcohol in its chemical formula, is widely used in various industries, and is also included into some products. Vegetable glycerin, which is used to prepare liquid for refilling, plays the role of a thickener of steam, softens its taste, and also gives it a sweetish hue.

Propylene Glycol

Since the 50’s, propylene glycol is considered an absolutely harmless component, and was used as a food additive. The food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries use it as part of their products.


Its availability is justified by the fact that electronic cigarettes are primarily substitution therapy products, such as chewing gums and patches, and nicotine, which is present there, serves as a means for alleviating withdrawal symptoms while canceling conventional cigarettes. But the use of electronic cigarettes, unlike other types of nicotine-containing products, allows you to keep the ritual of smoking. And this is its advantageous difference.

The more nicotine is in the liquid, the stronger it is. If you buy such a device with the aim of breaking away from the traditional type of smoking, you should start with a stronger liquid composition (first of all, focusing not so much on the composition as on personal taste preferences), and then gradually decrease the amount of nicotine, bringing it to zero. The nicotinic liquid for electronic cigarettes does not have such a crucial effect as an ordinary cigarette. Everyone knows that nicotine is one of the main, but by no means the only dangerous component of tobacco smoke, which has up to 4,000 harmful substances, 70 of which can cause cancer.


Flavors for electronic cigarettes liquid are divided into three main groups. They are fruit/berry, food, and tobacco. However, more and more unusual tastes appear, for example, liquid with taste of rose, Coca-Cola, or Red Bull. The composition of the fluid can be very original. This is achieved by combining different aromatic compounds in one product.

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