Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

Nowadays electronic smoking devices are as popular as other cool gadgets.
Most of them can be divided according to how they look:

  • like conventional cigarettes;
  • elongated shapes of cigarettes;
  • electronic hookahs of various design.

The outer look of a modern electronic cigarette in no way affects its power and specifications. When buying a cigarette, first of all, pay attention to the power and the number of supported modes.

Regular Samples

Initially, as soon as electronic cigarettes have appeared, they completely copied regular cigarette, tried to be similar in size, and even colored in white, equipped with an orange filter part. Such cigarettes were mostly disposable, since their battery life was very short, the batteries were poor in quality, and the user had to change cartridges often.Reusable Electronic Cigarettes
With time, the model of the cigarette has changed. They changed their form, containing a larger and much more powerful batteries. Cartridges were replaced with reservoirs for pouring a special liquid in. A new name also appeared – electronic cigarettes started to be called vapes. The word was coined on the basis of the word “vapour”, “evaporize”. This evolution allowed to use an electronic cigarette, or vape, for many months, simply charging the battery and refilling the reservoir with flavoured liquids.
Over time, electronic cigarettes turned into a whole culture – vaping. The appearance of favorite toys for smokers began to change rapidly. People started to choose basing on the amount of steam given out, the maximum power, and attractive appearance of the devices.

A New Trend

A new kind of e-cigarettes is called “mod” (modified). The body of the mod is made in the form of a small box, which, unlike the earlier models, is very convenient to put on the table and hold in hand. Due to the increased area of the sides, it became possible to place the OLED display, which indicates all the characteristics of the device.

As A Tube

Electronic cigarettes in the form of a tube were invented for the most advanced vapers. The tubes also work on the battery, they have a reservoir for the liquid, and are very convenient in use. For example, the newest electronic tube Guardian Pipe III, equipped with a connector 510, which can be dismantled to install all the newest cleansers and serviced atomizers, to have an informative OLED display, i.e. in fact is a box-fashion, only made in the form of a tube.

Types Of Electronic Hookahs
Electronic hookahs are divided into two types depending on their form:

  • as a conventional electronic cigarette;
  • as an item for smoking which body imitates the appearance of the hookah.

As you see, market is flourishing and you can definitely choose something for you.

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