What Age Is Appropriate To Start Vaping?

E-cigarettes are becoming more popular every day. And this is not only due to the desire to move away from regular smoking to a less harmful habit. Vaping is a subculture already. Various festivals, exhibitions, specialized vape-shops, where amateurs gather to steam and taste new liquids are extremely popular.  Naturally, this movement attracts the younger generation. We all know how curious teenagers can be. Today, vaping is:

  • highly popular with youth;
  • a theme of many festivals;
  • considered to be a safe entertainment.

Let’s figure out at what age it is sensible to start vaping, and when one can buy electronic cigarettes.

Wise Choice

First of all, in many countries there are no legal norms that would restrict vaping, unlike tobacco products, the consumption of which is regulated by law. Everyone knows that the sale of cigarettes is possible only to individuals who have reached the age of 18. Electronic cigarettes are not included into this category. But this does not mean that it is possible to smoke an e-cigarette in childhood.

Alcohol and tobacco are banned for consumption by children for a good reason. The negative impact on the immature organism is increased several times. Any dependence irreparably affects the state of health in the future. Vaping means less toxic elements, but the psychological addiction is also very harmful. Adolescents and minors should be very careful in their choice whether to vape or not to vape.

Propylene glycol and glycerin, which form the basis of the vape juice, recognized as safe for the human body, but are not recommended for use to individuals under the age of eighteen. In fact, to fully prove the safety of vaping, ten years of research are needed. Vaping, which became popular at the beginning of the 2000s, cannot boast of such long-term results yet.

One thing is for sure, the use of e-cigarette is much safer than traditional smoking.

When Is It Time to Buy

In the USA the sale of electronic devices is not generally prohibited  by the law for anyone. There are some public discussions on the subject. Some laws have been developed on the issue, but they are not in function yet.

However, some sellers take their stand and define a certain age for selling vaping devices. For example, they do not sell electronic cigarettes to kids up to 14-16 years, so-called minors.  According to the American law, underage vaping is not a crime. The issue in focus is what age is the most appropriate to be allowed to buy electronic cigarettes?

Typically the legal vaping age coincides  with the smoking age provided by a legal norm. There are no consequences for minors who vape, but sellers can be fined. Overall, despite the fact that vaping is considerably less toxic than smoking or alcohol, addiction in an early age can interfere with healthy development and habits. So, vaping in the age under 18 should be avoided and perhaps prohibited legally.

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