Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

What is an electronic cigarette ? Why is it better than a regular cigarette? This is an electronic device that allows you to simulate the process of smoking. It generates steam containing (or not) a certain concentration of nicotine. When this vapor is inhaled, an imitation of the smoking occurs, in which nicotine is delivered to the user’s body by the usual way – “puffing” the cigarette and inhaling the smoke (vapor), followed by the exhalation of this smoke vapor.

This device was designed to replace conventional tobacco products. The main difference of such an electronic device from the usual smoking is that it does not include the actual tobacco burning, there is no production of smoke, which is the main source of harmful substances, carcinogens, tar, ammonia, cyanide, benzenes, carbon monoxide and others harmful components (overall about 4000).

The Main Advantages Of Electronic Cigarettes Are:

  • Significantly less harmful or generally harmless to humans.
  • Fire safety. You can smoke without fear of burning or messing up the surface of something. Do not need matches or any other source of fire.
  • Do not cause bad breath, leaves no smell on the hands, clothing, and hair, do not cause smoke or smell in room.
  • Do not leave ashes and dirt, cigarette stubs, and the user needs no ash tray.
  • There is no effect of passive smoking.
  • Fingers and teeth do not turn yellow.
  • The user can inhale from an electronic cigarette once or twice and turn it off, no need to smoke ‘till it ends’, like a regular cigarette.
  • Electronic cigarettes cause less cough.
  • In many cases, the price of a daily amount of liquids is much lower than the cost of a pack of cigarettes.
  • Electronic cigarette is a fashionable and stylish looking accessory that attracts the attention of others.
  • Produce thick and beautiful vapour that has pleasant flavour.
  • There are many different tastes for refueling electronic cigarettes (both with tobacco and exotic).

It must be said that, despite the fact that the process of vaping is still not useful for health at all, the amount of toxic substances released is less than when burning an ordinary cigarette. Most people who start smoking only electronic cigarettes, experience all the positive effects of “quitting smoking”, since the general well-being improves. It becomes easier to breathe, the taste of food becomes brighter, and the smells become easier to recognize.

Even back in 2009, with the first samples, research on electronic cigarettes was conducted at the Boston University School of Public Health. Scientists of 16 laboratories found out that the level of carcinogenic substances in liquids for electronic cigarettes is more than 1000 times lower than in conventional ones.

Many MDs of all realms of medicine gave the most flattering feedback about the electronic cigarettes. And, of course, its main advantage was that it is relatively safe for health. With the vast options on the market a customer can enjoy all benefits of safe smoking with such devices.

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